Family objects to granting of bail to murder suspects

15 Jun 2016 20:10pm
WINDHOEK, 15 JUN (NAMPA) - A group of more than 28 family members and friends of the late Joseph Ndeyapo Hekandjo on Tuesday objected to the granting of bail for the accused linked to his murder.
The 38-year-old Hekandjo was stabbed once in the chest while sitting in a taxi in front of AP Lounge in Walvis Bay at about 03h00 in March this year.
Five men were arrested and charged with murder and malicious damage to property in connection with the matter.
They are Mathias Nuujoma, 25; Stephanus Ngenokesho, 21; Simon Gerson, 28; and Jeremia Simon, 18; Toivo Ngilikulwa (age unknown).
During their bail hearing in the Walvis Bay Magistrate's Court on Tuesday, the deceased’s nephew Abel Paulus joined other family members outside the court in protest against the granting of bail to the suspects.
Paulus told Nampa on Wednesday they asked the court not to grant bail to the suspects, as the case is not yet finalised.
“Why should the court give bail to the murders of our innocent brother, they killed him in cold blood without any remorse,” reads one of the posters held by demonstrators.
Magistrate Eden Iyambo refused Nuujoma, Ngenokesho and Nghilikulwa bail.
Simon and Gerson were however granted bail of N.dollars 7 000 each, due to the cooperation they had rendered the police during investigations.
All suspects represented themselves during the bail hearing.
Hekandjo, who worked at the lounge as a guard, allegedly got into an argument with some of the suspects before firing a warning shot. He then stopped a taxi to take him home.
The suspects allegedly punctured the taxi's tyres before one of them entered the vehicle via a rear passenger door, grabbed the deceased by the neck from behind and stabbed him in the chest.
Nuujoma is the number one accused as it is suspected that he is the one who stabbed the deceased.
Ngenokesho and Nghilikulwa are also charged with murder, while Gerson and Simon are charged with malicious damage to property for allegedly puncturing the tyres.
They are expected to return to court on 03 August 2016 when investigations into the matter are expected to be completed.