Gambia, Namibia to strengthen environmental relations

12 Jun 2016 15:20pm
WINDHOEK, 12 JUN (NAMPA) - Namibia and Gambia are looking at strengthening bilateral relations in the areas of environmental conservation and climate change.
Minister of Environment and Natural Resources from Gambia, Pa Ousman Jarju told reporters at State House on Sunday the two countries will strengthen such bilateral relations.
He was sent as envoy by his president Yahya Jammeh to deliver a message to President Hage Geingob.
Jarju could however not reveal the content of the message, but said the overall aim of the visit is strengthening bilateral relations.
“Finer details will be ironed out at a later stage, for now we cannot go into detail,” he said.
Asked by Nampa what the two countries can learn from each other, Jarju said Gambia can tap into Namibia’s expertise in wildlife conservation, as one of the areas which the west African country can learn from Namibia.
“We lost a lot of wild animals through poaching and we would like to learn how Namibia conserves wildlife,” said the minister.
He said his country is also facing desertification and this is another area where Namibia can guide Gambia.
On poaching in general across Africa, the minister said it is very important that Africans unite to stop the illegal practice.
“We have joined the Elephant Protection Initiative as part of our effort as a country to stop illegal trade in wildlife.”
The minister said just like Namibia, Gambia also has a problem with human-wildlife conflict.
“We are promoting the protection of wildlife, the co-existence of humans and wildlife for instance hippos and also making sure that the community derives benefits from such animals.”
Jarju congratulated Namibia for maintaining peace and stability.
“We are also a very small country like Namibia with a stable government. We enjoy the same peace you have here and we would love to continue living in peace,” said the minister.