Namibia Launches Social Expenditure Review Project

23 May 2013 08:54

WINDHOEK, 23 MAY (NAMPA) - A social expenditure review programme of the government to properly address the social well-being of the people in the country, was launched here on Wednesday.
Labour and Social Welfare Minister Doreen Sioka officially launched the project in partnership with the International Labour Organisation (ILO) at a local hotel here in the presence of ILO representative Vic van Vuuren.
It is an undertaking to analyse and review the country's entire social protection systems, such as social and disability grants, as well as the social security coverage protection systems.
Sioka said the Namibian Government shall continue to actively promote and maintain the welfare of the people in the country by adopting, inter alia, policies aimed at the assurance that senior citizens are entitled to and do receive a regular pension - adequate for the maintenance of a decent standard of living and the enjoyment of social and cultural opportunities.
The anticipated review project is aimed at accessing whether Namibia's current social expenditures are in line with national development goals as embodied in the National Development Plan Four (NDP4), the Millennium Development Goals and the country's Vision 2030.
Sioka said the programme will also assess what changes in the existing tax regime might be considered in order to support the provision and/or expansion of the social protection measures in the country.
?With respect to State social welfare grants, the review will look into issues such as whether the types and levels of the current grants provide adequately for the needs of the beneficiaries, and conform to ILO standards for minimum social protection,? she explained.
The assessment will include the potential impact on overall social protection, and will advise the Government on the introduction of an unemployment insurance scheme.
The information to be obtained from the project would put the Namibian Government in the best position to make informed decisions in respect of the social protection measures to be put in place for its citizenry.
Sioka then urged the people involved in the project to be meticulous in their assessments in order to provide reliable findings and workable solutions to the Namibian people.
Also present at the launch were the Acting Chief Executive Officer of the Social Security Commission (SCC) David Keendjele, and Redette Klasen of the Namibia Employers? Federation (NEF).