Water situation terribly managed: Kavari

09 Jun 2016 16:30pm
WINDHOEK, 09 JUN (NAMPA) – The water crisis in central Namibia has been terribly managed, Capricorn Asset Management investment strategist Suta Kavari says.
In his daily ‘Morning Brief’ global market roundup issued on Thursday, Kavari said the devastating impact of the water crisis cannot be understated.
“Poor rainfall over the last three years has exposed the country, and particularly the central region, to a great degree of water insecurity. The crippling drought has resulted in crop damage, dampening the outlook for the agricultural sector.
“The persistent drought has also reduced water levels, affecting hydropower generations plants at Lake Kariba, and to some degree the Kunene,” he said.
Kavari raised the concern that Namibians will feel the full brunt of a water shortage in the construction industry. The industry has grown over the past couple of years despite water shortages in the central region. This is evident from the number of new building plans approved, he said.
A slowdown in the construction sector will have a devastating impact on not only economic growth, “but could potentially lead to substantial job losses. It is that dire,” he cautioned.
There are serious and legitimate questions that need to be posed to the water authorities, according to him.
“At the end of the day, the water crisis affects us all,” Kavari said, adding that a lack of information on how the crisis is being tackled will lead to consternation and frustration.
Although the whole Namibia faces drought and water shortages due to no or low rainfall over the past two years, the central area is the hardest hit. The Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry announced earlier this week that it is currently trying to pump more water from the Berg Aukas aquifer at Grootfontein through a canal to supply water to the Swakoppoort Dam.
They are also busy installing bigger pumps at Kombat to pump more water to the canal.
With regards to medium-term measures, the ministry has finalised a feasibility study to construct a pipeline that will link the Kavango River to the Grootfontein water pipeline in order to supply water to central Namibia.