The majority who commit crime are employed: Shilongo

22 Sep 2013 06:40
WINDHOEK, 22 SEP (NAMPA) - With the escalation of crime in many parts of Namibia, including Windhoek, more residents are starting neighbourhood watch groups to assist the police in crime prevention and to protect residents from criminal activities.
One such group is the Brakwater Neighbourhood Watch for residents in the greater Brakwater area north of Windhoek.
The group was established earlier this month, and has 260 registered members currently.
The members held their annual general meeting (AGM) on Saturday at plot Nubuamis, north of the capital, to take stock of the past, and make plans to ensure their neighbourhood is safe.
Khomas Regional Police Commander, Commissioner Festus Shilongo, who attended the AGM as a guest, encouraged the community to assist the police in fighting crime.
He told the gathering that with guidance and with partnership like theirs there will be a difference in combatting crime.
“Today in Khomas, I can say I am proud, because I have support from the majority of people in the Khomas Region showing their commitment in making the region a safe place,” the police commissioner added.
“Let’s embrace ‘Secure Khomas for All’, a strategy I brought to you so it can benefit each and every one,” Shilongo encouraged the residents of Brakwater during their first AGM.
The Government of Namibia is fully aware of the high unemployment rate in the country, he added, but poverty cannot be used as an excuse for committing crime.
“We have got people that are poor, but they are not committing any crime. They are working very hard to earn little money that make them proud.
It is not always the poor that apparently commit crime, but according to our statistics, the majority who commit crimes are employed,” Shilongo said.
“So, we must distinguish between poverty and greed,” he said.
Chairperson of the Brakwater Neighbourhood watch, Atousha Fischer-Bouder awarded certificates the Namibian Police Force and members of the Women and Men Network Against Crime for the role they play in curbing crime.