NCCI Zambezi condemns tribalism

08 Jun 2016 15:40pm
KATIMA MULILO, 08 JUN (NAMPA) – The Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI)’s Zambezi Region branch says Government should take public office-bearers who make themselves guilty of tribalism, to task.
This comes after Bukalo Village Council chief executive officer, Martin Limbo, posted a lengthy speech on Facebook in which he amongst others said he “deeply hates” Mafwe people and said they are secessionists who do not deserve to be part of the Zambezi Region, as they “did not contribute anything to Namibia’s liberation struggle” but want to enjoy the fruits of liberation “fought for by other tribes”.
Limbo is from the Masubia tribe, also from the Zambezi Region.
NCCI Zambezi branch region chairperson, Ace Mutelo at a media conference on Tuesday called for Government intervention, saying tribalism goes against Government’s policies of reconciliation and nation-building ideals.
“We are observing a dangerous development in the Zambezi Region where some political office-bearers and top government administration members are promoting tribalism. We would like to caution against this trend and call upon the central Government to take culprits to task so that the disease of tribalism can be done away with,” Mutelo said.
At a media conference on Monday, where Limbo was also present, the Bukalo Village Council’s chairperson Charles Siyauya said the council is not happy with Limbo’s public conduct.
Siyauya said the council is not happy with Limbo’s public conduct - amongst others because it has the potential to scare prospective investors off.
He said the council called on Limbo to cease from making tribal remarks and using hate speech towards the Mafwe, as they are Namibians too.
His defence was that he made the remarks in his personal capacity and while he was off duty.