Serial rapist Kashawa sent to jail for over 62 years

08 Jun 2016 09:30am
WINDHOEK, 08 JUN (NAMPA) - A Windhoek resident found guilty of various criminal charges including rape, theft and attempted murder committed during April 2010, was on Tuesday sentenced to over 62 years imprisonment.
On the count of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm, 35-year-old Pinias Kashawa was sentenced to two (2) years imprisonment.
He got a six-year-prison sentence on each of the two counts of housebreaking with intent to rob and robbery, meaning 12 years in total.
On the two counts of rape, Kashawa was sent to jail for 15 years on each count, meaning 30 years in total.
For pointing a firearm at another person, Kashawa was sentenced to two (2) years imprisonment.
The two counts of assault by threat were put together for sentencing and Kashawa was sentenced to four (4) months imprisonment.
On the two counts of attempted murder, which were also combined for sentencing, Kashawa was sent to jail for six (6) years.
He got four (4) years on the count of housebreaking with intent to steal and theft.
On the last count of illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition without a licence, Kashawa was sentenced to six (6) years imprisonment.
No sentence was ordered to run concurrently with another.
Kashawa was sent to jail for an effective total of 62 years and four (4) months imprisonment.
Evidence presented during trial had it that Kashawa broke into a house in One Nation Location on 12 April 2010 and stole a pistol, magazine with eight rounds, Nokia 7100 mobile phone, Bloomwaldt phone, one pair of jeans, one wallet and a Namibian identity document (ID).
Kashawa, armed with a pistol, then went to a house in the Okuryangava residential area on 17 April 2010 and gained entry by forcing open a door, and threatened the occupants of the house with the firearm.
Kashawa then removed the clothing of a woman occupant and had sexual intercourse with her without her consent, where after he demanded money from her.
He then searched the room for more valuables but when he did not find anything, he proceeded to another room where he raped another woman at gunpoint.
Kashawa had also assaulted another woman with the pistol, threatening her with a shot.
She then handed him her mobile phone and charger, and a necklace.
He then ran away as the victim started to scream.
On the move again, Kashawa later fired a shot at Okuryangava resident Poniso Shiyukwa intending to kill him and a police officer, Fredinard Nghiliganye, who was summoned by the residents.
Kashawa directed a shot at the police officer who returned fire and wounded him.
He fell to the ground and was arrested.
A bolt cutter, a 7.65 millimetre pistol and cashbox were found next to him.
State Advocate Palmer Khumalo appeared for prosecution, defence lawyer Ndapewa Shipopyeni defended Kashawa and High Court Judge Alfred Siboleka delivered sentencing.