Elders must remain steadfast and committed: Geingob

21 Sep 2013 11:50
WINDHOEK, 21 SEP (NAMPA) – The Swapo-Party vice-president Hage Geingob has called on the Swapo-Party Elders’ Council (SPEC) members to remain steadfast and committed to the fight for economic freedom in Namibia.
Geingob, who is also the Prime Minister of the country, made this call at the opening session of the one-day SPEC Annual Central Committee meeting here on Saturday.
“Many of you have fought valiantly for Namibia’s freedom. However, the fight helped us achieve political freedom, but we still need to fight for economic freedom. Therefore, Namibia still needs you as elders to help fight for our economic freedom,” he said.
Geingob said the elders have a significant role to play in ensuring that Namibia stays on course and follows the path which was plotted so many years ago - the path towards political and economic freedom.
“Many of our nation’s citizens are losing direction and failing to take advice from their elders. We need to steer them back on course and show them the path towards the future that we fought so valiantly for,” he noted.
Geingob said people may notice the increasing rhetoric from a number of “prophets of doom whose main aim is to destabilise the nation by painting a picture of despair so that the people continue to lose direction”.
“We are seeing evidence of this through the continued promotion of pessimism and negativity emanating from several sources in the press,” he said, adding that there is a growing trend of negative reporting, depicting pictures of squatters, people at dump sites and dead cattle strewn across streets.
The Premier also talked about culture, saying that there is a need to redefine the Namibian culture and promote activities such as storytelling around the fire, poetry, ethics, technology, writing and other activities which play an integral role in nation-building.
“When I am talking about culture, I am not talking about singing and clapping hands. What I am talking about is our values, norms, customs and rituals which are intricately intertwined with our languages, music, dress and dances,” he explained.
“We now need to be united in freedom and work hard towards a common culture and common language,” urged Geingob.
He then asked the members of the SPEC Central Committee to make use of the platform to brainstorm and explore various ideas on how they could bring prosperity and economic freedom to the Namibian people.