"If Mbumba can't come to us, we will go to him": Struggle kids

07 Jun 2016 16:00pm
RUNDU, 07 JUN (NAMPA) - About 17 “struggle kids” camping at the Swapo-party office here are marching to Windhoek, because party Secretary-General (SG) Nangolo Mbumba did not come to meet them as promised.
The group, carrying Swapo-party flags, placards and chanting liberation songs, consists of four men and 13 women. They plan on walking over 700 kilometres (km).
By mid-Tuesday, they had already passed the Masivi Road Block, which is 10 kilometres from Rundu, heading to the Mururani Veterinary Gate.
Group leader Frans Otto told Nampa they have decided to march to Windhoek to be close to the Swapo-party head office and Government offices to hear what happened to the jobs promised to them.
“On 12 May Mbumba promised to pay us a visit here in Kavango but he did not come. We gave him some days to fulfil his promise and he failed. Now we are trying to help ourselves as he is possibly not able to come to us; we will go to him instead,” he said.
Otto added their plan is to reach Windhoek, and they will walk and rest where needed and use the little money they have for food and drinks.
“They (government) have been promising us jobs since 2008. These are the jobs we want. We want jobs from Government and we will fight for that with determination,” he said.
Approached for comment on the same day, Mbumba said he is not just the SG of the struggle kids but for the entire Swapo party.
“I have many other responsibilities. Over the weekend, I went to see the struggle kids camped at Oshakati, the week before that I was with the president outside the country and the week before that we had a (party) Central Committee meeting,” he explained.
Mbumba said he will meet with them when he visits the region as planned.
He could not provide a specific date.
“When people ask you to meet them we meet them in their specific region and then we discuss problems that are related to the region. They made the decision to come and it is they who decided to walk so they must take responsibility for all those decisions,” Mbumba stressed.
The SG addressed struggle kids at Okandjengedi near Oshakati on Friday, and appealed to them to remain where they are while the issue of jobs is being attended to.
He told them: “I do not want to lie to you and tell you, you will start working next month or next year, as I do not have the information. The only thing I can tell you is to be patient and wait for the government as they are preparing to sort you out.”
“Even if you go to Windhoek, what you will be told there is the same as what you would be told here,” he said.
Meanwhile, some of the struggle kids who camped at Okandjengedi also commenced their over 700km walk from Oshakati to Windhoek on Tuesday. By 16h00 Tuesday they had passed Ondangwa.