Chaos breaks out among struggle kids at Oshakati

05 Jun 2016 14:10pm
OKANDJENGEDI, 05 JUN (NAMPA) - Chaos broke lose on Sunday at the Swapo Party offices at Okandjengedi when two groups comprising children of the liberation struggle born in exile and those born in Namibia got into an altercation.
The disagreement came after the group took a decision to hit the 800 kilometres (km) road from Okandjengedi to Windhoek on Tuesday in protest to Government taking long to respond to their demand for employment.
The group’s spokesperson Tuhafeni Nhinda stated that the group of non-exile struggle kids are causing misunderstandings among the group members, as they do not agree with most of the decisions being made.
“When we made the decision to go and join our fellow brothers and sisters in Windhoek, the group of children born in Namibia were against it and planned on boycotting our journey”, Nhinda added.
The debacle, which was witnessed by members of the Namibian Police Force (NamPol), saw the group of children born in exile breaking down and carrying away the tents of those they say are hindering their progress.
“These people are taking advantage of our generosity, we accommodated them here out of pity because we felt they too needed to be recognised by the government just as much as we do. However, now they are refusing to cooperate,” Nhinda said.
There have also been allegations of witchcraft among the groups.
“I heard some of them say the bus currently on its way to Windhoek carrying our fellow brothers and sisters who came to attend a funeral here, will not arrive in one piece,” one of the group members alleged.
The group of 19 members of the children born in Namibia refused to leave as they watched their belongings being destroyed, saying that they too deserve to be considered as children of the liberation struggle as their parents also fought and died in exile.
“We will not leave from here until we hear from Oshakati Swapo Coordinator Erastus Kapolo on Monday,” they said.
These youth feel it is not fair for the majority of the group to make these decisions just because they refused to go to Windhoek.
“We feel the government is the one causing this conflict as they are the ones who categorised us as one and now some feel they are more important than others,” one of them claimed.
The group of close to 200 people plan on walking from Okandjengedi to the capital on Tuesday with the intention of going to camp at the Swapo Party headquarters to request for what they described as appropriate answers.