DTA does not support new parly building: Venaani

29 May 2016 18:10pm
WINDHOEK, 29 MAY (NAMPA) – The DTA of Namibia will not support the construction of a new parliament building while Windhoek is about to go dry because of a water crisis, the party’s president McHenry Venaani says.
Venaani was speaking during the party's executive committee meeting here on Saturday.
The government plans to construct a new parliament building at a cost of about N.dollars 2,2 billion, which includes 400 offices and a wellness centre.
Members of the National Assembly have increased from 78 to 104, while those of the National Council have increased from 26 to 42.
“We do not view Parliament as a crisis point. We view poverty, education where we have children who do not have hostel facilities, sleeping on the floor, as more challenging matters,” he said.
He said arguments that the current Parliament building is a colonial structure are not acceptable, however the argument that it is too small to accommodate the current number of Members of Parliament (MPs) could be considered.
Venaani said is a lack of space is the issue, the current building can be extended and renovated at a lower cost.
He used an example of the German Parliament which, when faced with a similar problem, did not construct a new building but chose the more cost-effective option of renovation and remodelling the existing building so as to adjust to changing needs.
“I am yet to see empirical evidence that indicates that it will not be possible for Namibia to follow a similar course and until I am confronted with such reliable scientific evidence, the DTA cannot in good conscience support or endorse building a new parliament at the expense of the Namibian people during such stringent and challenging economic times,” Venaani said.