Mbambo delivers state of the region address

29 May 2016 16:10pm
RUNDU, 29 MAY (NAMPA) - The Governor of Kavango East, Dr Samuel Mbambo on Friday delivered his state of the region address for the year.
In his address Mbambo said the region is endowed with natural resources that need to be tapped to boost the regional economy.
“The regional budget for capital projects for the financial year 2015/16 of N.dollars 328 million outlines major budget lines in terms of projects that were implemented and those in the infancy stage,” he said.
Within the regional council several projects and activities were carried out during the year under review and the outcomes of these are both tangible and intangible, he said.
The governor noted the creation of the constituency Ndonga Linena and the proclamation of Divundu as a village council. Its new leadership was elected during the 2015 Regional and Local Local Authority elections.
“The new Ndonga Linena constituency office and Divundu village council offices were constructed at a cost of N.dollars 10 million and N.dollars 14 million respectively. This is testimony to government's commitment to ensure that more settlements will be proclaimed to accelerate rural development and effective service delivery,” he said.
Another major regional project was carried out in the Ndiyona Constituency, where 31 houses were constructed under the Build Together programme.
The constituency also saw the construction of a 700 metre access road and sewerage reticulation system at a cost of N.dollars 13 million and N.dollars 1.4 million respectively.
At local authority level, the Dr Romanus Kampungu road was upgraded to bitumen standard, while the electricity network was extended into five formalised areas at Kaisosi, Kehemu, Sauyemwama,Ndama and Kasote.
The extension of water pipelines to the Ndama and Sikanduko informal settlements, as well as the construction of a sewerage network at Rundu connecting 300 households were also completed.
Mbambo also reported on completed and ongoing constructions in various ministries.
The event was attended by regional councillors, representatives of various line ministries and members of the public.
According to Article 110A of the Namibian Constitution, sub-section five, a regional governor shall attend a meeting of the regional council of their region once every year, which meeting shall occur after the president and Cabinet attend Parliament as he delivers the state of the nation address.
Thereafter, the regional governor shall address the regional council on the state of the region, planned activities of the central government in the region and report on the activities of the central government of the previous year in the region.
They should also be available to respond to questions.