Eenhana Trade and Business Expo raises over a million dollars

29 May 2016 16:00pm
EENHANA, 29 MAY (NAMPA) – The Eenhana Town Council on Saturday held a gala dinner where over N.dollars 1.1 million was raised for its ninth Trade and Business Expo.
This year’s Eenhana Trade and Business Expo (ETBE) is scheduled to be hosted at the town from 25 to 30 July.
A joint venture between Phillip Hikumwah of Maryn Properties and Erastus Nikodemus from Greywall Properties pledged the highest amount of N.dollars 220 000 and received a platinum award from the ETBE preparatory committee chairperson Valde Ndevashiya.
In second place was the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development with a contribution of N.dollars 120 000 and the third highest pledge of N.dollars 100 000 came from local businessman Isaiah Nhinda of the Monte Carlo Guesthouse and Conference Centre where the gala dinner took place.
The Urban and Rural Development Minister and Nhinda received gold and silver awards, respectively.
First National Bank of Namibia with N.dollars 85 000 and Standard Bank Namibia with N.dollars 80 000 are the other companies that contributed significantly to the coffers of the ETBE during the same gala dinner gathering.
The main speaker at the gala dinner, Dr Martha Namundjebo-Tilahun of the United Africa Group, described the expo as an excellent platform for the local authority of Eenhana to engage the business community on the town’s development opportunities through innovative entrepreneurship.
Namundjebo-Tilahun said Namibia's economic development will be driven by the level of economic development at local level.
She went on to say the country cannot develop if cities, towns, villages and settlements fail to achieve economic development.
The Mayor of Eenhana, Julia Shikongo used the same platform to announce that the ETBE will once again be held at the Eenhana Multi-Purpose Youth Resource Centre.