Mutorwa commissions Mupini water pipeline extension project

29 May 2016 12:20pm
MUPINI, 29 MAY (NAMPA) - The Minister of Agriculture, Water and Forestry John Mutorwa on Friday commissioned the Mupini water pipeline extension project at Mupini in the Kavango West Region.
The villages of Mupini, Matende, Sikondo in the Kavango West Region and parts of Kasote will benefit directly from the project.
“Potable, safe drinking water will now be available to these communities. I thank the colleagues in the Directorate of Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Coordination (DWSSC), particularly those deployed in the Kavango East and West Regions, for their dedicated hard work which sees us commissioning this pipeline today,” Mutorwa said.
The minister explained that the ministry initially drilled three boreholes south of the Sikondo project and Matende and Ruurumwe villages.
The water from the boreholes was however insufficient to satisfy the water demands of the communities of Mupini, Sikondo, Matende and Kasote.
“Another plan had to be worked out and it is this plan which I am commissioning today,” he stated.
The project also caters for the communities who were relocated to make way for the development of the Sikondo Green Scheme Project.
The ministry was tasked to provide water to such people via water tankers or boreholes.
Mutorwa further explained that through the project, water is pumped from the Mupini River.
A tower was constructed from where the water will be supplied to the villages.
It also involved the construction of a five kilometre pipeline from Mupini to Matende with five water points; the construction of an eight kilometre pipeline from Mupini to Kasote with eight water points and the construction of a river pump station with elevated tanks at Mupini feeding the two pipelines.
The project will be maintained by NamWater.
The total cost of the project is N.dollars 2 million and it was completed over four months.