DTA executive committee meeting held in Windhoek

28 May 2016 18:10pm
WINDHOEK, 28 MAY (NAMPA) – The president of the DTA of Namibia says his party will continue to challenge and critique the programmes and policies of the ruling party while providing the Namibian public with alternative policies to address Namibia's developmental challenges.
McHenry Venaani said this during his party's executive committee meeting here on Saturday, which was held to discuss, endorse and ratify a new constitution for the party.
“On many issues there is considerable overlap between the policies and programmes espoused by DTA and those put forward by Swapo. There is nothing inherently wrong with a situation where two parties at opposite ends of the political divide develop similar solutions to national issues, but imagine how much further along we could have been had we been working together,” Venaani said.
He called on executive committee members to engage in matters that are proactive, constructive and guided by the spirit of unity within the party.
Venaani said the draft party constitution provides for the election of a new secretary-general, which is an essential aspect of internal party business.
DTA member of parliament, Elma Dienda has been acting as the party’s secretary-general since June last year, when former SG Vincent Kanyetu was suspended.
Kanyetu was suspended and subsequently expelled from the party along with the DTA’s regional coordinator for Kavango West Boniface Kashera and regional coordinator for Kavango East, Reinhilde Kudumo.
The decision was a result of the trio’s involvement in the unsanctioned sale of the party’s regional office in Rundu that was apparently sold without the consent of the DTA leadership. The election of the SG will be done during the party’s Central Committee meeting on a date yet to be determined.
“We have done much and achieved much in a short space of time since 2012, yet much more work and much larger challenges await us. Let us set forth on this path of renewal for this political organisation, as we endeavour to transform and offer a political home to growing portion of the Namibian public. I trust that you will take these words to heart and that they will guide our deliberation here,” Venaani said.
The meeting was attended by about 20 DTA executive committee members.