//Kharas CRO withdraws resignation

28 May 2016 10:30am
KEETMANSHOOP, 28 MAY (NAMPA) – //Kharas Chief Regional Officer (CRO) Saul Kahuika has withdrawn his official resignation from the //Kharas Regional Council – shortly before it was due to take effect.
Kahuika withdrew his resignation on 24 May, one week prior to his initial month-end departure date.
“I have decided to rescind my decision to leave earlier after being asked to do so by some councillors and colleagues,” he told Nampa when asked on Friday.
Kahuika’s term as CRO comes to an end at the end of December.
“I will see how it goes and try to stay until my contract runs out.”
Kahuika said his colleagues were concerned about staff shortages in the Directorate of Planning and the effect his departure would have on it.
“This directorate is important for both the councillors and the public, and the potential problems it may encounter prompted those who approached me to plead with me to serve my full term.”
He said he was quite touched by the request.
“I have been at the council for nine years and 11 months, and the request demonstrates the trust my colleagues have in me.”
Kahuika denied that he planned to leave the council for a position at a private company in Tsumeb as earlier reported by Nampa.
“I just wanted to leave to do other things like farming. I did not resign to take up another post.”
Kahuika started working at the council in 2006 as administration director.
He was appointed as CRO in January 2012.