UNAM students cry over toilet paper

27 May 2016 14:10pm
WINDHOEK, 27 MAY (NAMPA) - Some University of Namibia (UNAM) students carry toilet paper in their backpacks to lectures because there is none in toilets at the university’s main campus, where some privies have leaking pots.
These students claim it has been the case for years and some resort to newspapers and other types of paper for the sanitary purpose.
Student Olivia Elias told Nampa on enquiry recently the lack of toilet paper and dirty toilets make life difficult on campus.
“The toilets are poorly maintained and are dirty by the afternoon,” she said.
Student Alex Tande added that they also use toilet paper to blow their noses, especially during winter, and this makes the roll even more important.
“To be truly honest, most of the toilets don’t have toilet paper. Some toilet pots leak water and people just step in it and walk out,” said Tresia Ndapandula.
Nyasha Tande said she knows of two toilets that are never clean. “When you walk in there, you will see that people used newspaper and other stuff.”
Approached for comment Thursday, UNAM’s Public Relations Officer John Haufiku told this news agency that toilet paper rolls are placed in the restrooms every morning, but unfortunately people take them.
“However, it does seem that there is high anxiety about not having toilet paper on campus, causing those who visit the toilets early to take them out of fear of not finding it later,” he noted.
Haufiku further said they would engage with the Student Representative Council (SRC) on the matter in due time.
“They can help us gather students’ opinion on the matter, and hopefully then we will find the root cause of the problem and deal with it,” he said.