Artists join water saving drive

27 May 2016 08:40am
WINDHOEK, 27 MAY (NAMPA) – Local musicians, artists and celebrities have embarked on a water saving initiative to sensitise Windhoek residents on saving water by keeping their vehicles unwashed.
Seven artists showcased their artwork during an exhibition under the theme ‘Don't Wash Me NAM’ here on Tuesday, but these works of art were not on canvas or paper.
They were on the windshields of vehicles that were covered in dust, contoured to depict various images such as running taps; something common to and misused by most.
Namibia, as many countries in the word, has a culture of transport and how the mobile asset - reliant on petroleum and frequent maintenance - is by numerous owners viewed as much of decorum of lifestyle and self, and must be kept in best appearance.
This culture was taken by artists and made dirty in somewhat of a counteraction through the spread of oil and refined sand that is contoured to construct an image.
The artists were Saima Iita; Shawty P; Petrus Shiimi; Jero; Alina Mateke; Actofel Iioyu; and Don Stevenson.
Speaking during the launch of the exhibition, City of Windhoek (CoW) Strategic Executive for Infrastructure, Water and Technical Services, Pierre van Rensburg said the exhibition was prompted by survival because water sustains life and no living organism can survive without it.
He also noted that resolving water supply issues to the central areas of the country, including Windhoek, is a complex and costly assignment and one which is to take anywhere up to 10 years to conclude.
“In the meanwhile, we would need to survive, not only for this period, but also into a future where the issue of water scarcity will gain prominence as population pressure arises,” he stated.
The unavailability and scarcity of water in Namibia is so severe that officials from the Namibia Water Corporation (NamWater) predict Windhoek will run dry by August this year.
Residents, schools, businesses and government institutions within the central part of the country will thus need to save up to a minimum of 15 cubic metres of water every month with immediate effect.
Van Rensburg also added that residents and businesses based in Windhoek will effectively lose 80 per cent of water supply, because all NamWater dams supplying water to the central areas will run dry by the end of this year.
The water situation can be so severe that companies might be obliged to decrease production or close for business, which can result in employment losses and a heavy blow to the domestic economy.
The exhibition was organised by the City of Windhoek and Advantage Y&R advertisers.
The vehicles were donated by Truda Meaden; Sally Boss Madam; Wolfgang Steyn; Dillish Matheus; Elzanne Erasmus; Tikki Reichstein; and EES.