Refrain from calling fellow Africans foreigners: Endjala

26 May 2016 07:30am
OSHIKUKU, 26 MAY (NAMPA) – Omusati regional governor Erginus Endjala says the notion of seeing fellow Africans as foreigners must be discouraged if people on the continent are genuinely aimed at realising a united Africa.
Endjala said this whilst addressing the community of the Oshikuku Constituency during the Africa Day commemoration on Wednesday.
The governor used the same platform to remind all Namibians that the country is independent due to the solidarity of many Africans and, as such, they should refrain from referring to nationals of other African countries as foreigners.
He mentioned Angola, Zambia and Tanzania as some of the African countries that assisted Namibia in gaining its freedom and independence on 21 March 1990.
“We must always remember the enemy of yesterday has only changed strategies, but they are still fighting us by causing animosity amongst our people,” Endjala stated.
He went on to express dissatisfaction that there are some Namibians who do not appreciate the peace, stability and tranquillity in Namibia.
Endjala said they should remember that peace remains “a dream that never came true in some African nations” where war is still being experienced such as Somalia and Sudan.
“We as Namibians, especially the Swapo members who are still in power after 26 years, need to safeguard our hard-won independence,” he said.
Omusati regional councillor for the Oshikuku Constituency, Modestus Amutse and some of the councillors of Oshikuku also attended the commemoration.