Cobras a problem at Tsumkwe PS

19 Sep 2013 03:20
OTJIWARONGO, 19 SEP (NAMPA) - Learners at the Tsumkwe Primary School (PS) killed a cobra on Tuesday night after it was spotted at the boys’ hostel here.
This was the third poisonous snake to be killed at the school in less than six months.
According to a supervisor at the Tsumkwe PS boys’ hostel, Bonifatus Hangula, the cobra was first spotted by a teacher outside her house on the hostel premises at around 20h00 on Tuesday.
“My female colleague saw it slithering towards the dining hall’s stoep, and screamed,” he told Nampa on Wednesday.
Hangula said the learners came running out of their dormitories armed with sticks, iron bars and stones, and surrounded the snake.
“They started throwing it with stones, and one of the boys managed to hit its head, causing it to die,” he explained.
The dead cobra, which was 98 centimetres’ long, is now being preserved in a jar in the school’s laboratory.
Tsumkwe PS principal Kondjela Nashipili confirmed that a cobra was killed at the hostel.
“My learners can easily see snakes from a distance, and it’s easy for them to kill them because they are used killing them at their villages,” Nashipili noted.
The hostel accommodates over 300 learners.