Amateur boxing coaches to attend Aiba training

17 May 2016 17:00pm
WINDHOEK, 17 MAY (NAMPA) – Twenty-five boxing trainers from all 14 regions in Namibia will attend a coaching course in Windhoek next week.
The Namibian Boxing Federation (NBF) will host the first of its kind International Boxing Association (Aiba) course for local trainers from 22 to 28 May.
Aiba sanctions amateur Olympic-style boxing matches and awards world and subordinate championships.
Speaking during a media conference that held in the capital at the Namibia National Olympic Committee (NNOC) office on Monday, NBF president Benjamin Rabang said the course was made possible through funding from Olympic Solidarity.
“We are going to have an Aiba instructor from South Africa training our local coaches who will be attending this training for the first time.
“We should thank Olympic Solidarity who availed the funds to us through the NNOC for making this event possible. We are looking forward to empowering our officials with the latest boxing skills - theoretical and practical - during the seven days,” he said.
Rabang added that the NBF received US.dollars 11 000 (about N.dollars 171 000) to host the course.
South African Amateur Boxing Organisation (Sanabo) president Andile Mofu will be the course instructor.
Speaking at the same event, NBF public relations officer Robert Haihambo said the federation has identified a severe shortage of certified or qualified coaches and has made training them one of its priorities.
“Our regional coaches do not have professional boxing experience as instructors; they are just working on the knowledge they gained by being in the sport for a long time. We want our coaches to now obtain papers so when they go back to their regions they will plough back that knowledge in those respective regions.
“The coaching course is one of many events on the federation’s yearly programme,” he said.
Olympic Solidarity amongst others things organises assistance for all national Olympic committees, particularly those with the greatest needs, through multi-faceted programmes prioritising athlete development, training of coaches and sports administrators.