Pensioner accused of raping boy in court

11 May 2016 11:30am
OPUWO, 11 MAY (NAMPA) – A pensioner accused of raping a nine-year-old boy at Ondore village was denied bail during his first appearance in the Opuwo Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday.
Langman Tjipingana Tjituri, 70, allegedly raped the boy at the village on the outskirts of Opuwo on 29 April.
Tjituri and the boy had apparently been tending to goats in the bush when the victim complained of having a headache.
The older man told the boy to rest under a tree and that is where he allegedly raped him.
Magistrate Leena Iyambo postponed the case until 20 July to allow for further police investigations.
Oberth Masendeke represented the State.