Parliamentary Standing Committee in Kavango

09 May 2016 19:20pm
RUNDU, 09 MAY (NAMPA) - The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Security is on an inspection visit to the two Kavango regions.
The committee consists of Members of Parliament (MPs) Levi Katoma, Agnes Kafula, Clara //Gowases and Hamunyera Hambyuka.
They will look at the how funds allocated for various capital projects in the ministries of Defence; Home Affairs and Immigration; Veterans’ Affairs; and Safety and Security have been utilised.
The MPs on Monday paid a courtesy call on Governor of the Kavango East Region, Dr Samuel Mbambo to register their presence in the region.
Welcoming the committee, Mbambo said for Namibia to be a respected member of the global village, it must know how to run its own house.
“That means when you get to point where you have your own budget, you dish it out according to what you collected. There was a certain country in the newspapers last week, where donors were supposed to donate to the budget of that country but then the donors withheld their money as the country did not declare some of its hidden debts,” he said, referring to Mozambique.
Mbambo added that the visits also give local people the confidence that implementers should not think they can get away with what they are suppose to have implemented according to rules, acts and policies.
The governor requested the parliamentarians to visit the bridge over the Kavango River between Rundu and Calai in Angola, which has made it easier for people to move between the two countries.
“I am just not sure whether we completed the formalities of having it checked by engineers. I am just concerned we might keep on using it until something happens,” he noted.
Mbambo mentioned this as the parliamentarians are in the company of quantity surveyors and engineers from the Ministry of Works and Transport.
The bridge was built by the Angolan government.
Meanwhile, the committee is expected to meet with the Namibian Police Force regional command in the Kavango East Region and visit the Omega Police Station.
On Tuesday the committee will visit the Muhebo border post and inspect the construction of the charge office, accommodation facilities, kitchen, and entertainment facilities there.
They will also meet with immigration officers and visit the Divundu Correctional Facility.