Water shortages result in short supply of Coca-Cola

09 May 2016 19:00pm
WINDHOEK, 09 MAY (NAMPA) – Coca-Cola soft drinks could be in short supply with higher prices expected in the long run due to water shortages in the central parts of the country.
The Coca-Cola Namibia Bottling Company on Monday announced that it will no longer produce canned products locally but will import such products from South Africa due to water restrictions enforced in Windhoek, where the can production line is situated.
In the short term, prices will not be adjusted but may however change due to the effect of higher import charges on landed costs, said the company’s Managing Director Frik Oosthuizen in a public notice.
“As you are aware, the severe drought has forced the City of Windhoek to reduce the water supply to all, including ourselves. The water saving enforced amounts to an approximate 30 per cent reduction per month in what is required for normal production to enable us to deliver orders to our customers in full.”
The company also announced that it will no longer produce one litre returnable glass bottles in Windhoek and these will only be available in the northern part of the country as it is produced at the Oshakati plant.
The company also warned that plastic products are all produced in Windhoek and, due to the long distances, cannot readily be imported from outside the country because of the effects on quality. This may, therefore, lead to sporadic shortages countrywide.
“Please be assured that we are working on alternatives to ensure sustained full supply to all our valued customers of our products. This includes investigating secondary sources of water supply to minimise, to the extent possible, disruptions in supply to you, our valued partners,” he added.