Dillish's Birthday bash and re-union as it happened in pictures

September 17, 2013, 11:31 am
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Big Brother Africa ‘The Chase’ winner, Dillish Mathews celebrated her 23rd birthday in style last night.

And her lifetime wish came true—she got to meet her father, Abdi Galgayo Guyo, who arrived in time from East Africa.

Dillish arrived at the upper deck of the Kenyan embassy for her party, walking arm in arm with her father, mother Selma Pashukeni and boyfriend Steven Gaeseb under police escort.

Amid pomp and fanfare, the birthday party which was meant for close associates and family members, could not have gone without tears. Abdi Galgayo Guyo could not even hold himself with emotion for the ‘first dance’ with his daughter. Even Dillish struggled to hold back tears for much of her speech.

Said Guyo, “The media in Kenya hunted for a Boran man who fathered a daughter in Namibia during the UNTAG days, and I showed up. I am not in Namibia to get the share of the three million as reported by the media.”

But the highlight of the evening was when Dillish’s boyfriend pulled up a Golf 5 as a birthday gift.

Notable guests included, Michael Shidiwe who brought up Dillish's uncle, Erastus Mbumba Haitengela, tourism minister Pohamba Shifeta, businessman Desmond Amunyela, Milka Mungunda, Kiriat Kamanya, Veno Kauaria, Tonata Shiimi, the Kenyan High Commissioner to Namibia among others.