All voices will be heard in genocide negotiations: Schlaga

09 May 2016 08:30am
BERSEBA, 09 MAY (NAMPA) – German Ambassador to Namibia, Christian Schlaga has expressed firm belief that the Namibian Government would fairly represent the affected communities in the Nama-OvaHerero genocide negotiations with his government.
Approached by Nampa at the /Hai-/Khaua Unity Festival in Berseba on Saturday, Schlaga affirmed Germany’s decision to finalise negotiations with the Namibian government this year adding: “All voices on the matter will be heard”.
Some Nama and OvaHerero representatives of the 1904-1908 genocide discussions oppose the involvement of Government, accusing it of wanting to hijack talks.
Schlaga said Germany was following normal and accepted international relations by dealing with the democratically elected Government of Namibia.
“We remain confident that the Namibian Government will live up to its promise to include all,” he said.
The affected communities will be listened to and will be part of the unified decision in the end, Schlaga said.
“There is no way they will not be considered.”
Schlaga attended the festival as a guest with no official role to speak at the party.
Held for the fifth consecutive year, the festival signifies peace in the /Hai-/Khaua clan after the unification of the Isaak and Goliath followers with Johannes Isaak as chief and Stephanus Goliath as deputy chief.
The clan was officially recognised by Government in 2011 after 40 years of bitter animosity between the two factions.
However, a small group from the Goliath faction who opposed the Isaak and Goliath co-leadership, then rallied behind former Acting Chief Johannes Fleermuys, who they claim should be the rightful /Hai-/Khaua leader.
A member of the group anonymously contacted Nampa to express his dismay at the celebration of unity.
“We are not united. Why do they pretend and continue their lies to the nation?” he said over the telephone.
Officially speaking at the event, Deputy Minister of Gender Equality and Child Welfare Lucia Witbooi commended the formerly warring leaders for the example set.
“They showed the whole country that unity and peace can take place even after 40 years. They decided to submit and to take each other’s hands.”
Deputy Minister of Sport, Youth and National Service Agnes Tjongarero also spoke and urged the community members present at the party to converse with their resistant family members to unite for the sake of peace and prosperity.
“The time has come to unite. Why can’t you forget about whatever it is that is dividing you? Let it go,” she said.
Schlaga told this news agency it was a wonderful sign for Namibia that two parts of one clan decided to come together and unite.
“They did this not to leave behind their differences, but to treat it with compromise,” he said.