Goliath asks Germany for development assistance

08 May 2016 18:00pm
BERSEBA, 08 MAY (NAMPA) – /Hai-/Khaua Deputy Chief Stephanus Goliath has appealed to the German Government for help to develop the natural resources in the Berseba area of southern Namibia.
The Berseba Traditional Authority area, regarded as perhaps the largest in the country, comprises of over 700 000 hectares of communal land divided into seven sections.
Goliath addressed the Berseba community and the German Ambassador to Namibia Christian Schlaga, who attended the /Hai-/Khaua Unity Festival in Berseba on Saturday as a guest.
Held for the fifth consecutive year, the festival signifies peace in the /Hai-/Khaua clan after the unification of the Isaak and Goliath followers, with Johannes Isaak as Chief and Stephanus Goliath as Deputy Chief.
The clan was officially recognised by Government in 2011 after 40 years of bitter animosity between the two factions.
“We have the mighty Brukkaros Mountain, our great pride and treasure that towers over us and invites you to come and talk to us. The gates and doors to Berseba are wide open. A hot spring is located in the Fish River, next to the mountain with a waterfall nearby,” said Goliath.
He further promoted the presence of three large quiver tree forests in the wider Berseba area, including one next to Neckartal Dam, and another in the vicinity of Snyfontein.
According to him, these sites, with the other natural iconic features, could become the breadbasket of the community once developed.
“In the spirit of the Harambee Prosperity Plan, the German Government together with the Namibian Government, can properly develop these sites for us.”
Goliath also said gravesites of deceased Germans are found in Berseba village itself.
“There are many bad things and also good things that happened in our history with the Germans. There was war and also planning and work done for the development of the Hardap Dam (near Mariental) and the Neckartal Dam (near Keetmanshoop) more than 100 years ago. Our Government is now building Neckartal.”
He invited tourists to visit the sites and called on investors to further upgrade and develop these scenic locations.