Armed robbers target coastal gambling machines

04 May 2016 13:30pm
SWAKOPMUND, 04 MAY (NAMPA) - The Namibian Police Force (NamPol) along the coast are warning owners of gambling machines to be cautious, as armed robbers have been targeting such businesses lately.
Sergeant Ileni Shapumba of Community Policing Affairs for NamPol in the Erongo Region, issued the warning through Nampa on Tuesday, saying four incidents of armed robberies targeting gambling houses were recorded in Swakopmund, Walvis Bay and Karibib over the past two weeks.
He expressed disappointment in some business owners, especially in Swakopmund, for not opening criminal cases with the police, claiming they do not have time to go to court.
Shapumba said some people also do not open theft cases if they recover their property.
“If you do not open a case so that the police can pursue and arrest the criminals, then you are encouraging them to steal because they know there will be no punishment.”
He further cautioned that large amounts of money should not be kept in gambling houses or machines.
Shapumba said businesspeople should not expose money to anyone, even their employees, because some employees sell information to robbers.
He said there should be no panic regarding these robberies as the police are there to protect the community and their property.
“We are pursuing the robbers with confidence and will arrest them very soon, even if they hide under the soil.”