Likoro bids for bail to care for family

28 Apr 2016 19:00pm
KATIMA MULILO, 28 APR (NAMPA) – Convicted rapist, Vincent Likoro is bidding to be released on bail pending appeal of his sentence before the Windhoek High Court.
On Thursday, while giving evidence in chief before Katima Mulilo Regional Court Magistrate Mbongani Ndlovu, Likoro asked the court to consider releasing him on bail for him to return to work. At the time of arrest in 2013, he was employed as special advisor to the then Minister of Lands and Resettlement.
Likoro, who was sentenced to a 10-year jail term in January, said he needs to be released so he can attend to private work such as farming, to gather enough funds to pay for his legal representatives during the appeal.
Likoro also said being locked up has had a detrimental effect on his financial status and responsibilities of caring for his 12 children – four of whom are aged 21, while the rest are minors in primary and secondary school.
“I wish to be released on bail because of the responsibilities of my children. I need to engage in productive work so I can afford to pay my private legal fees and the school fees of my children and to provide for their welfare.”
Likoro told the court that if he is granted bail, he will surrender his passports and other travelling documents and adhere to any conditions attached to his bail such as restricted movement within the country’s borders.
“I have no desire to live elsewhere but here in my country. I have no foreign accounts or properties, other than my small farm in south-east Rundu. I do not fear life in prison, as I am now exposed to it. I just want to work so I can provide for my family and pay lawyers to prove my innocence.”
He explained that he is now traditionally betrothed to his cousin and seeking annulment from his first wife, emphasising that since his conviction and subsequent jail term, he is now left with only N.dollars 100 000 to his name.
“It is from this money that I am asking the court to accord me a reasonable bail amount not exceeding it, as I do not know where I will find the rest.”
Likoro is serving a sentence after he sexually violated a female colleague, while employed by the Ministry of Lands and Resettlement. He was a special advisor to then minister Alfeus !Naruseb. The incident occurred at a lodge during an official trip to the Zambezi Region in July 2013.
The hearing continues with defence counsel, Jan Wessel defending Likoro, while deputy prosecutor general Dominic Lisulo is representing the State.