Donkey meat business in Omaruru struggling

16 Sep 2013 09:10
OMARURU, 16 SEP (NAMPA) – The once-lucrative business of selling donkey meat for consumption in Omaruru is now a struggling business as it seemed to have lost its lustre with locals.
Cornelia Garises, a well-known businesswoman who sells donkey meat here, told Nampa on Saturday that her business is frustrating her so much these days.
“All is not good for my business anymore. The meat is struggling to sell out. It’s not like those days anymore.
I need Government to assist me in any way possible to make a living,” she pleaded.
Garises purchases a live donkey from a farm situated some 50 kilometres from Omaruru at about N.dollars 1 000, and then pays N.dollars 500 to transport it to Omaruru, where the donkey is slaughtered.
However, the ‘pain to recover these costs are severe’ because once the donkey is slaughtered, it takes three to four days for it to sell out, she explained.
Garises noted that she often pays extra money to her neighbour to keep the remaining meat cool in her fridge. Sometimes, the charge is N.dollars 200.
She sells pieces of donkey meat according to the buyer's request from her house and in the streets of Omaruru, and price it according to the size of the piece of meat.
Garises did not want to reveal how much profit she actually makes from one donkey carcass.
Whilst interviewing Garises, this reporter witnessed her brother, Jonas Aebeb, pushing a wheelbarrow full of donkey meat to the neighbour’s house for storage in her fridge.
Omaruru deputy mayor Albertus Naruseb said on his part that the donkey meat business was a lucrative endeavour in past years in Omaruru.
“Donkey meat is a delicious meal here, but I don’t know why it takes days for it to sell out now,” he said.