Ekandjo to ammend ministry's structure at regional level

27 Apr 2016 21:20pm
GOBABIS, 27 APR (NAMPA) – The Ministry of Sport, Youth and National Service will have a consultative workshop in May to discuss amendments to its structures and policies.
The workshop, earmarked for Windhoek, will centre on operational challenges that have crippled service delivery and the performance of the ministry, particularly at regional level.
Line minister Jerry Ekandjo disclosed this information during his familiarisation visit to the Gobabis Multipurpose Youth Centre on Wednesday.
He pointed out that the ministry is faced with many challenges such as structures not properly planned, which affects operations and delivery of service when required to do so.
“I have been a public servant for more than 26 years and I have not seen a ministry that is as dormant as this one. This is probably the only ministry that operates from its head office while others have decentralised,” said Ekandjo.
He fumed at the lack of deputy directors, chief control officers and administrators in the ministry at regional level.
“I was expecting changes when I came here. I think something must be done. Each constituency must have an office instead of waiting to consult with head office.
“We need deputy directors who will be able to take decisions on their own when required to do so in all regions,” said the minister.
A clearly disgruntled Ekandjo expressed shock when those in attendance briefed him on wanting to leave their jobs because most are unaware of what their jobs entail.
“I have been in this ministry for more than 10 years and I only received training as a sport officer and what my duties are last year,” said Godfried Kavari, a sport officer in Aminuis.
Kavari confessed that he was unaware of what to do in his duties as a sport officer, because he was merely “dumped in Aminuis” upon getting his job.
“Every time you are told that there is no money and to be honest, some of us even want to run away and go where we can contribute because we are also trained as teachers and so forth,” he said.
Ekandjo requested those in attendance to submit a list of challenges and draft proposals, which will be discussed at the upcoming workshop by all regional youth and sport officers.