Politics frustrates staff at Daures office

26 Apr 2016 14:20pm
SWAKOPMUND, 26 APR (NAMPA - Staff at the Daures Constituency office say they are frustrated at accusations that they favour either Swapo-Party or United Democratic Front (UDF) supporters when doing their work.
The Daures office under the Erongo Regional Council is situated at the Okombahe settlement.
Community members are accusing the five staff members of the office of only distributing food under the drought relief programme to members of certain political parties.
“I am so tired of all these accusations brought about by politics. We as administration staff are not interested in politics at all, we serve all Namibians regardless of their political affiliation,” Marvin Afrikaner said on behalf of the staff members when approached for comment.
On 21 March, a member of the community and Swapo member, who asked not to be named, alleged that the distribution of food is not fair. The community member told Nampa some Swapo supporters “were not informed of the distribution.”
On Monday, a high ranking Swapo leader in Erongo also alleged to Nampa that the staff members tasked with distributing the food are all members of the UDF.
Afrikaner however refuted the allegation.
Approached for comment on Monday, Chief Regional Officer Natalia !Goagoses also rubbished the claims, noting that the staff are tasked with the distribution of the drought relief food based on their capabilities and job descriptions and there “is no political influence.”
!Goagoses said she is getting frustrated by the allegations against the Daures office, allegedly since UDF councillor Joram Kennedy !Haoseb took over this year.
“The community must understand that office and Daures is not ruled by UDF, we are following Government programmes. My staff and I do not serve on the basis of affiliations,” said the CRO.
!Goagoses revealed that her office is investigating allegations that two people suspected to be UDF members and close to !Haoseb took some drought food for own benefit even before the distribution.
“I have their names so I will find out whether this is true and believe me there will be criminal charges against such people,” she said.
!Haoseb said he was not aware of two UDF supporters accused of taking food from his office.
The councillor added that such allegations should not be blamed on the change of leadership as similar allegations were made when Swapo councillor Ehrnst Katjiku was in office.
“I know nothing about drought relief food, I even asked to be briefed on how the programme works so I can have a better understanding of how it works,” !Haoseb said.
He went on to say he is focused on serving the community without victimising Swapo supporters or instigating members of his party to victimise people who are not members of UDF.
Approached for comment, Swapo coordinator for Erongo Philipus Heita said he is aware of the allegations and is looking into the matter.