Network Communication Tower

April 20, 2016, 7:58 pm
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Residents in katutura are victims of Commination as some telecommunication companies such as Telecom failed to provide network in some part of katutura area. "We are suffering here, our internet does not work, when voice calling it is also a problem to us. I think telecom need to do something, i only use internet wen i am in town at work and when i am home i am offline." Said resident of greenwell location. Residents told jerry(Telecommunication advisor) to Telecom that they are not satisfied with Telecom service and thy are requesting for an improvements. Adding to that residents explained that they are not the only one affected by the network issues but also neighbouring locations. Jerry made it clear during his interview with the News-5 that it is difficult for him to figure out the residences problems as he only got few numbers that are telecom customers, but he will take up the matter to the head office. By: ONGHA Boys News-5