Tweya raps journos over the knuckles

20 Apr 2016 19:50pm
WINDHOEK, 20 APR (NAMPA) – Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Tjekero Tweya has issued a stiff warning to local and international journalists, saying they should refrain from publishing unverified reports.
Tweya was speaking in the National Assembly (NA) on Monday.
This comes after two journalists from a Japanese television network (TV Asahi) based in Cairo came to Namibia with the indication that they were to interview the International Relations and Cooperation Minister, Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah.
The interview was apparently to focus on Namibia’s bilateral relations with Japan, China and Korea and the opportunities for investments among these countries.
It was however discovered that they allegedly had ulterior motives for requesting the interview.
“Instead of focusing on the relationship between Namibia and Japan, China and Korea, they mainly directed their questions on North Korea’s relationship with Namibia and the construction of the munitions factory in Windhoek,” he said.
The journalists allegedly persistently questioned the Deputy Prime Minister on the presence of North Korean workers at the Suiderhof Military Base, and indicated that they have evidence, as they are in possession of photographs and film footage to that effect.
“The deputy prime minister stated in the interview that she was not aware of any North Korean worker in Namibia. She expressed her disappointment at the fact that the two journalists violated media ethics by entering the country under false pretenses,” Tweya said
He noted that Government would not “succumb to scrupulous elements to taint the country’s image.”
Tweya also indicated that the two journalists misused the filming permit received from the MICT and Namibia Film Commission.
“Surely that is an unethical act and does not speak to media freedom. That is a total abuse of our courtesy and cultural principles,” he said.
Tweya denied reports that the foreign journalists were detained or held in custody before their scheduled flight as reported in the media.
The minister noted that the incident can negatively affect the relationship between Namibia, Japan and North Korea.