Muharukua reads riot act to staff

15 Sep 2013 05:50
TALISMANUS, 15 SEP (NAMPA) - The Deputy Minister of Gender Equality and Child Welfare, Angelika Muharukua has lashed out at staff members of her ministry for taking a leisurely approach to vital ministerial activities.
Muharukua, who was in Talismanus in the Omaheke Region on Wednesday as part of her familiarisation visits of women’s projects across the country, spoke out strongly against the dragging out of some of the ministry’s programmes meant to serve the community.
The deputy minister’s comments came amid complaints from the floor during a consultation meeting with the community on the apparent slow pace at which community members were being served at the ministry’s Talismanus extension office.
Muharukua reacted with strong reprimands, in full view of the meeting, against some members of her ministerial staff who were amongst those in attendance at the meeting.
“Where is the hold-up? Why have these people not been assisted up to now? What is your purpose here at this office if you do not serve the community? I want answers and I want them now,” she told one of the regional office administrators, who has - according to community members present - not been serving them adequately.
When another staff member attempted to clear the issue to the meeting, a fired-up Muharukua told her in no uncertain terms to “Sit down. Sit down now and remain quiet, there is nothing for you to say.”
She also lashed out at another staff member who explained to the deputy minister that a lack of transport was often hampering their activities in the region.
“Don’t tell me nonsense. What lack of transport? How did you get here from your base in Gobabis? Did you not get here by car? Or was it merely so that you could claim S&T (subsistence and travel allowance)?” she asked.
The hands-on Muharukua told staff members that the community expects them to deliver on their promises, and they should therefore do away with causing unnecessary delays by postponing matters that could be handled immediately.
She went on to praise the women of Talismanus and surrounding areas for initiating opportunities through which they can empower themselves, such as through the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) they are running.
Talismanus is the main economic centre of the Omaheke Region’s Otjombinde Constituency, and is situated some 220 kilometres east of Gobabis.