Isaack wants water on resettlement farms

20 Apr 2016 14:30pm
MARIENTAL, 20 APR (NAMPA) – Hardap Governor Esme Isaack wants Government to provide water on resettlement farms.
She said the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry (MAWF) and the Ministry of Land Reform should work together to solve water problems at resettlement farms.
While opening the Community Based Management (CBM) Strategy consultative workshop at Mariental on Wednesday, Isaack said the MAWF should expand water provision services to include resettlement farms.
“The coverage for access to water for the community in communal areas is now at 80 per cent. If you include the resettlement areas where water problems are widespread, you will reach 100 per cent,” she said.
Isaack said Government was serious in providing water to all citizens of the country.
“The need for potable water services was already highlighted at Independence and also recently in the Harambee Prosperity Plan. People in communal areas have been deprived of water, but people on resettlement farms suffer as well.”
The MAWF is conducting regional workshops to review the CBM policy and to discuss a proposed subsidy for water supply to vulnerable people.
Delegates from the Hardap, //Kharas and Omaheke regions are attended the meeting at Mariental.
It ends on Thursday.