LGBT Namibians call for abolishing of Immoral Practices Act

19 Apr 2016 16:00pm
WINDHOEK, 19 APR (NAMPA) - Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Namibians are campaigning for the abolishment of the Combating of Immoral Practices Act of 1980, which amongst others criminalises prostitution.
A group of LGBT representatives have indicated that it will consult the Parliament Committee on Gender, Youth and Information Communication Technology to seek the abolishment of the Act.
LGBT representatives held a meeting with the DTA of Namibia's Acting Secretary General (SG), Elma Dienda on Monday, in which they also called for the decriminalisation of sex workers and for sex workers and LGBT people to be included in national dialogues.
Human rights activist, Nikodemus Aoxamub well known as 'Mama Africa', said sex workers and LGBT people were lobbying for the decriminalisation of sex workers in Namibia through the abolishment of the Act.
The Act prohibits the soliciting of sex, trading as a prostitute and keeping a brothel, and is more directed towards third parties such as brothel owners.
It also provides for the combating of ‘other immoral practices’
The LGBT representatives also called on Members of Parliament (MPs) to hold dialogues on LGBT people and sex workers to have access to health care facilities without discrimination.
They also want access to the media to be able to sensitise the public on issues affecting transgender people.
Nikodemus said sex workers had no freedom of movement, thus legalising sex work would recognise it as any other ordinary profession and enable them to trade under safe conditions.
Receiving the group, Dienda said every Namibian citizen has a right to seek an audience with any MP or national leader.