Uutoni advises police officers to save and study

15 Sep 2013 04:00
KEETMANSHOOP, 15 SEP (NAMPA) - The Deputy Minister of Safety and Security, Erastus Uutoni has advised police officers to save so they can pay for further studies.
He was speaking at a meeting in Keetmanshoop held during an official visit to the //Karas Region, where police officers asked him whether the ministry is willing to assist them with financing to pay for further studies, which most of them cannot afford.
In response, Uutoni said the ministry only funds officers who study policing-related courses such as criminal justice, and not courses which would not benefit the Namibian Police Force (NamPol).
“As we all know the ministry supports courses related to policing, so what you can do is to apply and see if you can be assisted. However, for those who wish to study other courses such as agriculture, you have to save and pay for yourself,” he said.
He urged the officers to save up for the courses they want to do.
“You might say you do not have money, but save the little you have and study,” he said.
The deputy minister also urged the investigators in the force to speed up their investigation of cases and give proper feedback to complainants in order to avoid complaints that the police do not provide feedback on cases.
“People are complaining that once investigators get on the case they do not update them and they just keep quiet. They are even calling us at the ministry and the President is getting worried about this,” Uutoni said.
Another point he touched on was the abuse of NamPol vehicles. He also requested station commanders to be fair when it comes to recommending officers or promotion.
“Please, even if you do not like the person, promote them if they are hardworking, well-disciplined and have been in the force for a long time. Avoid tribalism and favouritism when it comes to promotion, it is not going to benefit Namibia,” he said.
Some officers asked the minister to consider ways to help them get better accommodation and houses of their own as some of them live in police barracks with their families and cannot afford to rent private accommodation.
Uutoni gave his assurance that Government is committed to providing accommodation for all police officers, and called on the officer to just be patient.
When he visited the Aussenkehr settlement along the Orange River on Wednesday, Uutoni thanked the Women and Men Network against Crime for joining the police in their efforts to fight crime.
The 56 members of the community policing initiative were applauded for helping to reduce crimes such as domestic violence.
“I know you work voluntarily but that is what we sometimes have to do to fight crime. A nation with crime does not attract investors and tourists, so I am happy that you joined us, and continue working hard,” Uutoni said.
The minister also visited the police units and stations at Warmbad, Karasburg and Noordoewer.