Government work 'not a love affair': Geingob

16 Apr 2016 11:40am
WINDHOEK, 16 APR (NAMPA) – President Hage Geingob has told public office-bearers that they are not appointed to be “loved or liked” by the public, but to serve the people.
Speaking during a consultative meeting with Permanent Secretaries here on Friday, Geingob said Government work was “not a love affair.”
He was responding to reports of bad blood among high ranking government officials, including allegations that some ministers and their permanent secretaries do not talk to each other.
“If it happens that in a ministry people don’t talk to one another because they don’t like each other, be professional. You have your terms of reference,” the President said.
He added that there are individuals that did not support him, but despite that he still went on to appoint them in various positions.
“I was saying yesterday to deputy ministers or to anybody that I appointed that if it is a question of disliking a person because they were not supporting you, then I wouldn’t have appointed many of you here today and it’s true. You must rise above that.
“This is not a question of 'I like you or I love you'. It’s professionalism to serve the Namibian nation,” said Geingob.