Is Agribank of Namibia a bank for farmers only? Frequently Asked Questions

September 13, 2013, 4:27 am

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Agribank of Namibia a bank for farmers only?
Agribank of Namibia is an agricultural bank with a mandate to play a leading role in Agricultural Development Financing and not limited to that objective, serves a diverse clientele base, farmers and non farmers. We offer agricultural banking products and the following products/ services to all customer segments, that is, Business / Corporates, SMEs, Individuals NGOs.
How many branches does the bank have?
The bank has currently 7 branches namely: Midland, Southern, Otjeroku, Oshakati , Rundu, Caprivi and Corporate/VIP branch.
How is Agribank of Namibia different from commercial banks?
The Agricultural bank of Namibia is a state owned enterprise that is responsible for promoting agriculture and its related activities through affordable and sustainable financial solutions         towards socio-economic development in Namibia , while the commercial banks are privately-owned, Agribank of Namibia is fully-owned by the Government of the Republic of Namibia.
Where can I pay my Agribank account?
Payments can be made at any Agribank of Namibia branch near you or any commercial banks. Please cite your loan number as reference in this regard.