Pre-adventurous Summit To Focus On Cultures And Conservancies

23 May 2013 06:39

WINDHOEK, 15 MAY (NAMPA) - Delegates attending the 2013 Adventure Travel World Summit (ATWS) can get a taste of Namibian conservancy and cultural experiences during a pre-adventurous summit scheduled take place in October this year.
The ATWS will take place from 26 to 31 October 2013, while the pre-summit is scheduled to take place five to seven days prior to the main event.
Namibia Tourism Board (NTB) Public Relations Practitioner Maggy Mbako said in a media statement issued on Wednesday in order to ensure that conservancies and their joint venture products gain greater international exposure, a total of 20 pre-summit adventure trips will focus on conservancy and cultural experiences throughout the country.
?With less than six months left before more than 700 international members of the adventure travel tourism industry arrive in Namibia for the summit, it is important to highlight the community, conservancy and cultural involvement that is critical to the success of the ATWS,? said Mbako.
The delegates will also have direct exposure to conservancy members and the chance to experience these joint venture lodges and community campsites which offer access to cultural and local villages, rhino tracking, game drives, river cruises and wildlife photography.
Other pre-summit adventures are focused on adventure tourism, particularly the growing cycling market, and Namibia?s iconic tourism destinations.
Director of Tourism in the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Sem Shikongo was quoted as saying the growth and importance of tourism within Namibia?s conservancies highlights the fact that tourism is everyone?s business.
?Namibia is the world leader in linking cultures, conservancies and conservation for positive growth and a spirited sense of community involvement and ownership,? he boasted.
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the NTB, Digu /Naobeb was also quoted as saying the summit brings together global thought leaders focused on a single overreaching subject - how to make adventure tourism an industry of businesses which are profitable, planet friendly and supportive of local economies.
?With thousands of Namibians affected directly and indirectly by fluctuations in tourism in our country, the exposure we stand to gain from the 2013 ATWS is critical for future growth and development in this vital sector,? /Naobeb added.
The pre-summit adventures are open to all registered delegates, including members of the media.
There are currently 79 registered communal conservancies in Namibia, covering over 19.5 per cent of the land area of the country and directly benefitting over 250 000 rural Namibians.
Within the communal conservancy tourism sector, there are more than 40 formal joint venture (JV) lodges and campsites which work in collaboration with their host communities.