Opuwo Trade Fair around the corner

08 Apr 2016 09:50am
OPUWO, 08 APR (NAMPA) – Opuwo Mayor Albert Tjiuma has appealed to local businesses to invest more in the town's annual trade fair.
Tjiuma made this appeal during a gala dinner held here on Wednesday. He said the Opuwo Trade Fair not only creates a platform for business people to network, but also promotes businesses, which leads to job creation.
The fifth annual trade fair is scheduled to take place from 30 May to 04 June at the Newman Katuta Stadium.
The mayor said research has shown that businesses in Opuwo make more money during the trade fair than at any other time during the year.
Tjiuma mentioned that the trade fair faces other challenges as well.
“We are facing challenges such as a lack of trust, a lack of market research and unregulated competition, to mention but a few,” the mayor said.
The town’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Alfons Tjitombo said N.dollars 750 000 will be needed for the hosting of the event, while the advisor to the governor of Kunene, Katuutire Kaura appealed to residents to take advantage of opportunities created by events such as the trade fair.