Oshakati Junior Mayor Hopes To Inspire Fellow Youth

07 Apr 2016 13:40pm

By Isabel Bento
OSHAKATI, 07 APR (NAMPA) – He may be only 16 years old, but Singo Gomes, a Grade 9 learner at Cabatana Private school here, already has the makings of a great leader.
He is Oshakati junior mayor, head boy at his school and serving as an executive secretary at his church.
Gomes remains humble in his ambitions; all he wants to do is find ways to improve the well-being of his fellow youth in this town.
He was born in Uige, Angola to parents Adao Miguel Singo and Estrela Gomes and has six siblings.
Speaking to Nampa recently, Gomes described himself as protective, humble, honest, loving and always positive in life towards whatever he faces. In short, he says his ‘interior' makes him unique, hinting that such qualities might have been what got him elected as junior mayor. He was elected junior mayor last year and will complete his two-year term in April 2017.
When he is not reading, watching news or doing sports, the young man spends time at church, which he describes as his refuge.
He says he looks up to his pastor, Jose Jorge Mendes, who is a doctor. Gomes aspire to one day become a respected and recognised cardiologist who will help contribute to Africa’s development.
His position as junior mayor enables him to get more involved in the process of solving problems such as teenage pregnancy, drug and alcohol abuse, gender-based violence as well as bullying at schools.
“So far, my council members and I have successfully organised a spelling bee contest for learners, which enabled them to sharpen their minds in this aspect,” he said.
Gomes has also helped administer the collection and donation of clothes and shoes to a centre for orphans and vulnerable children at the Okandjengedi informal settlement in Oshakati.
He said more activities of this nature will be organised soon.
“Such events build my self-confidence and tests and strengthens my leadership abilities.”
Gomes wants to inspire the youth of Oshakati by creating more educational activities that will lead them to success.
“My plan as a junior mayor is to complete all the projects that my team and I have set out for this year. Such projects involve a tree-planting campaign at nine schools in Oshakati, a ‘feed the elderly’ project, as well as other projects that are still to be discussed,” he noted.
Asked what he thinks makes a good leader, the young man said “a humble person, a guiding light to his followers, and one who transmits words of hope and wisdom to his followers even if there seems to be no way out.”
He also said he is motivated by his desire to achieve all his objectives in life, especially that of helping people around him.
He urged his fellow youth to always seek to impact the lives of everyone whom they come into contact with.