Dagbreek school wins recycling competition

07 Apr 2016 10:00am
WINDHOEK, 07 APR (NAMPA) – The Dagbreek School for the Intellectually Impaired won this year’s Schools Recycling Competition, with Pro Ed Academy and the All Nations Christian Primary School in second and third place respectively.
The competition is run by the Recycle Namibia Forum (RNF), a local company established in June 2011 which coordinates national projects to promote recycling in the interest of the environment, such as the annual Schools Recycling Competition.
Addressing a ceremony at which the winners of this year’s recycling competition were announced on Tuesday, RNF coordinator Anita Witt said since the inception of the competition, 750 tonnes of recyclable waste has been collected by participating schools.
“This highlights the efforts and value of the recycling competition, the keen participation of learners, parents and the school management to make a difference, and it encourages the youth to reduce, reuse and recycle (RRR).”
Paul du Plessis from the Dagbreek School, the overall winner of this year's competition, said the recycling campaign is a concerted effort as all role-players ranging from the community and learners to parents and staff members from the school are involved.
“Recycling can play a big role in education. We at Dagbreek school make things and we reuse what we can and what we cannot reuse, we recycle,” said Du Plessis while also thanking the school’s community for their involvement in the competition.
Keynote speaker, John Pallett from the Namibian Environment and Wildlife Society called on all Namibians to adopt the 'Three-R' (reduce, reuse and recycle) approach.
“Each citizen has a role to play in preserving the environment and ensuring that it remains a safe place, not only for us, but also for future generations.”
RNF supplies participating schools and some local shopping centres with large bins for paper, plastics and glass where members of the public can drop the waste and have it recycled, instead of it ending up at a local dumpsite or on the streets.
To ensure fairness in the competition, the amount of waste collected is divided by the number of learners per school to obtain the average kilogrammes collected per learner.
Dagbreek collected 179kg of waste per learner (20 tonnes in total). In second place was Pro Ed Academy (29.4 kg per learner); while the All Nations Christian Primary School (29.14kg per learner) was in third place. The fourth and fifth places went to Private School Swakopmund and Welwitschia Private School which collected 16.46 and 11.81 kilogrammes of waste per learner respectively.
The winning school took home a prize of N.dollars 10 000 (sponsored by Namibia Breweries Limited) and a floating trophy, while the runner up received N.dollars 5 000 sponsored by Collect-a-Can.
The Schools Recycling Competition started with 10 schools in 2009 and grew to 26 schools in 2010; 41 schools in 2012; and 51 schools in 2015/2016.