Kenyan nurse attacked while on duty at Rundu hospital

06 Apr 2016 15:50pm
RUNDU, 06 APR (NAMPA) - A male Kenyan nurse at the Rundu State Hospital was physically assaulted by a patient here over the weekend.
He sustained injuries to one of his ears and now has difficulty in hearing properly.
The Minister of Health and Social Services, Dr Bernard Haufiku condemned the incident.
He told a media briefing here on Tuesday that the assailant shouted at the nurse saying: “You Wamboes come and take places here and then you do not do anything”.
“That in itself is racist, tribalism and regionalism. This is unacceptable behaviour anywhere in Namibia. As a ministry, we strongly condemn this,” the minister said firmly.
Haufiku, who is currently on an outreach programme to the Kavango East and Kavango West regions, said he understands there may be cases where staff members do not perform their duties according to standard, but with no means should anyone be assaulted along with racial slurs.
This, he said, can provoke conflict in the country following Namibia's colonial history.
In the past, different language groups were put against each other, “yet you still find people who harbour this kind of mentality,” he explained.
This is a destructive mentality, not only to the health sector but to the entire peace and unity enjoyed in the country, said Haufiku.
“I think all of us should take hands in condemning this barbaric attack on one of our staff members by someone shouting tribal slurs. The nurse is not even from the language group mentioned. He is a Kenyan national,” the minister noted.
Kenya and other countries, he added, helped Namibia well in complementing staff members in the ministry, particularly in the nursing sector as well with doctors.
Haufiku appealed that such incidences not be repeated, whether at the Rundu State Hospital or any other hospital in the country.
“We hope the culprit will be brought to book soonest to give an example to others not to engage in racial or tribal attacks and not to assault people,” he said.
Chief Medical Superintendent of the Rundu State Hospital, Dr Yuri Yangazov informed the media that the culprit is a known employee of the Nkurenkuru Town Council and that he visited the hospital as a patient, along with a child in his company.
Yangazov said suspect was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs, but was just ‘somehow’ dissatisfied with the service provided by the particular nurse.
A criminal case against the culprit has been opened with the Rundu police, and investigations into the matter continue.