Kapako most deprived of basic services: Chief Kaundu

05 Apr 2016 15:40pm
KAPAKO, 05 APR (NAMPA) - The Kapako Constituency is the poorest and most deprived of development compared to other constituencies in the Kavango West Region, says Mbunza Traditional Authority leader Chief Alfons Kaundu.
He made the statement at his palace here on Monday when the Governor of the Kavango West Region, Sirkka Ausiku and various other stakeholders paid a courtesy call on him.
The meeting was aimed at discussing developmental issues in Kavango West.
“I asked for this meeting in order for us as Kavango West Region leaders to discuss the need of bringing services closer to our people, and for these services to be equally distributed among all constituencies in the region,” he said.
The chief said the Kapako Constituency has a high rate of poverty, which is why the traditional authority wants to work with the regional council in order to solve the poverty dilemma there as well as in the entire region.
Kaundu said that if there are development projects they must collectively see that the entire region benefits, and they must know what projects are planned so they can see “where to push those projects to”.
“In our discussions on development for this region it is crucial that traditional leaders are not excluded, as we too are involved in providing land for the purposes of development.
“As new projects come we too should be informed in order to allocate land that suit the project. We are in positions to know what our people’s needs are,” he stressed.
The traditional leader urged the regional leadership to employ capable servants who will work in the interest of all Kavango West people and deliver effective services.
Kaundu mentioned that he wants a fully-fledged police station at the Bunya village, because the nearest police station is at Kahenge, about 80 kilometres (km) away.
He said police officers reach the scenes of crime or accidents late due to the distances they have to travel between the constituencies, and sometimes by the time they arrive at the scene, the culprits have run away or the damage has already been done.
The chief informed the meeting that his subjects need basic services in his area, particularly in Kapako, so that the community do not have to travel all the way to Nkurenkuru for that.
The Kapako Constituency is located 35km from Rundu and about 100km to Nkurenkuru.
“We want agriculture services, police, health services near to my people, including the Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare,” the hompa (chief) said.
He highlighted that the Kavango West Region is now operating on its own and now only has two traditional authorities, whose focus is to solve the problems that are currently facing the region. The Ukwangali Traditional Authority is the other traditional leadership.
Ausiku is currently on a mission to consult regional stakeholders, including traditional authorities, for their input to create the region’s development plan.
She is also expected to visit the leader of the Ukwangali tribe, Hompa Eugen Siwombe Kudumo, at the Kahenge tribal office on the eastern outskirts of Nkurenkuru.