Men guilty of stealing pot

04 Apr 2016 19:20pm
KEETMANSHOOP, 04 APR (NAMPA) – Two men were found guilty of stealing a cooking pot in a case heard by the Keetmanshoop Magistrate’s Court on Monday.
Piet Meintjies, 27, and Reginald Markus, 26, both pleaded guilty to appropriating the pot at the house of a neighbour in the southern capital on Saturday afternoon.
Meintjies, an unemployed father of two, said he stole the pot alongside his co-accused in a drunken state to sell it to obtain more alcohol.
The complainant, Anita Pienaar, wrote in her statement to the Namibian Police that she lent the pot to the owner of the house from which it was pinched, to be used in the preparation of food for a funeral.
The pot was reportedly worth N.dollars 500.
In a plea for mitigation, Markus, a father of one, requested the court to be released from custody to return to his job where he earns N.dollars 750 per month.
Both accused offered to pay an admission of guilt fine and pledged to buy back the pot and return it to the rightful owner.
Prosecutor Basson Lilungwe asked Magistrate Philanda Christiaan to issue a fine of N.dollars 500 each to the accused; alternatively four months in custody.
“This is a serious matter as they stole to drink more alcohol and not to fill themselves with food,” Lilungwe said.
Christiaan then sentenced the two men to a fine of N.dollars 1 000 each or three months of incarceration.
A plea from Meintjies to reduce the fine was dismissed by the magistrate, who said he could appeal the sentence through the provided structures if he so wished.