Distribution of drought relief food resumes in Kunene

03 Apr 2016 13:00pm
OPUWO, 03 APR (NAMPA) – The distribution of drought relief food for the Kunene Region started again last week.
This was confirmed to Nampa by the chief administrative officer of the Regional Emergency Management Unit (REMU), Uaetongua Tjambiru, who said the consignment of drought relief food consists of maize and fish.
“We have received 211 boxes of fish and 4 286 bags of maize,” he said.
Recipients had previously complained that as they only received maize meal, hence the addition of the fish.
“Recipients in Opuwo and Sesfontein will receive one tin of fish with the bag of maize, while those in Epupa will receive two tins of fish with a bag of maize,” he said.
The amount of fish recipients get is dependent on how close they are to shops.
Tjambiru further noted that recipients are being re-registered during the distribution process.
He said the directive from government is that they should only cater for children under five years, pregnant women, pensioners and the critically vulnerable, while most people in the Kunene region have been affected by the drought.
“The directive has not yet been amended to cater for everyone affected by the drought, including the youth, and it makes it difficult for us to work in contradiction thereof,” he said.
Tjambiru said the donation from South Africa however came with a specific directive that it should be distributed to all drought-affected communities.
Governor of the Kunene Region, Angelika Muharukua told this news agency on Thursday re-registration is needed as during the previous process, only 3 000 people were registered as being affected by the drought in the whole of the Kunene Region.