Charity Organisation Donates Wheelchairs To Namibian People

23 May 2013 06:39

ONIIPA, 18 MAY (NAMPA) ? A charity international organisation called ?Network for Caring? in conjunction with the United States of America (USA)-based ?Free Wheelchair Mission? on Friday donated 30 wheelchairs to needy people here.
Eleven of the donated 30 wheelchairs were handed over to the Diakonia and Social Services (DDSS) of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Namibia (ELCIN) to benefit people who have difficulties to move on their own.
The occasion was witnessed by the organisation?s representatives - Dr John Keiseb and Petrie Theron - and ELCIN representatives.
The 11 beneficiaries were brought to Oniipa from different places in northern Namibia to receive their wheelchairs.
The Head of the DDSS of ELCIN, Reverend Gerson Neliwa told those present the Oniipa Rehabilitation Centre contacted various deacons throughout northern Namibia to identify the beneficiaries.
?About 30 beneficiaries have been identified for the donated chairs, but there are more people in need of wheelchairs,? Neliwa noted.
Also during the handing-over ceremony, Theron said a group of international people who wish to see change in the lives of destitute people in Namibia and the world over, made the donation possible.
?This is just a drop in the bucket,? Theron said, adding that his organisation strives to sources more aid from various countries and people of goodwill in the world for the benefit of those in need.
ELCIN General Secretary, Reverend Alpo Enkono said the wheelchairs are precious gifts from a Good Samaritan, and he believes the ?Network for Caring? has met the Namibian Government halfway in its effort to address the plight of people with disabilities by donating the wheelchairs.
According to Enkono, the donation is an attempt to reduce the demand for wheelchairs by people living with disabilities.
Enkono noted that with the donated wheelchairs, people who find it difficult to move on their own, will be relieved of this burden.
?These wheelchairs are donated by an organisation that cares for others and this caring organisation should not be forgotten,? said Reinhold Niikondo, who spoke on behalf of John Shiindi, councillor of the Oniipa Constituency.
Niikondo urged that the donated wheelchairs be properly taken care of, and not left in the sun, if they are to last long.
He also revealed that the Oniipa Constituency?s development committee members have during one of their meetings suggested that the Ministry of Regional and Local Government, Housing and Rural Development facilitate the establishment of an old-age home in the constituency to also cater for destitute people with disabilities.
The ?Network for Caring? is affiliated to another US-based organisation called ?Network 21?, a 25-year-old international charity organisation operating in some 36 countries in the world.