CoW to allocate land to saving groups

03 Apr 2016 11:10am
WINDHOEK, 03 APR (NAMPA) – The Windhoek City Council has approved the sale of land in the Otjomuise residential area to a number of housing savings groups in the capital.
The sale of the land to 300 households altogether was approved by Windhoek councillors during the monthly council meeting here on Thursday.
According to the official document issued during the meeting, a 6 520 square metre (m2) piece of land located along Dusseldorf Street will be sold to the Humble Vally Group (28 households) for N.dollars 541 160.
The Shangwana group (30 households) will buy a 7 142 m2 piece of land for N.dollars 592 786; while the Ronga Narama Group (25 households) will buy 10 338 m2 of land for N.dollars 858 054; and the Natangwe Group (34 households) will pay N.dollars 930 015 for 11 205 square metres of land.
Another piece of land (5 800m2) located along Munchen Street in Otjomuise will be sold to the Winner Group consisting of 29 households for N.dollars 481 400.
The Twinindileni Group (24 households) will pay N.dollars 623 994 for a 7 518m2 erf; the Tunombili Group (20 households) N.dollars 535 516 for 6 452m2 and Twasindana Group N.dollars 535 516 for 6 452m2.
The Khae he Tani Self-helping Housing Group will get a piece of land located along Dusseldorf Street in Otjomuise at a cost of N.dollars 873 000, while the remainder of the plot will be sold to Shack Dwellers Federation of Namibia (SDFN) at a price of N.dollars 145 600.
The document indicated that the applicants will be responsible for the town planning and cadastral procedures such as subdivision, consolidation, survey and registration of the new plot and all others cost involved.
“The maintenance of stormwater pipes, channels or work will be the responsibility of the owner of the concerned property,” the document stated.
Speaking at the council meeting, Windhoek Mayor Muesee Kazapua said this allocation will benefit more than 300 households.
“I am happy to mention that the City as a learning organisation has been benchmarking best practices with our partner cities both in the region and beyond on land, housing and other issues pertinent to municipal service delivery,” he said.
Kazapua said he will share the experience and possible initiatives on the allocation of land gained from his recent visit to Harare and Kadoma cities in Zimbabwe.